Our church gathered outside of the walls of the school gymnasium where we usually gathered each week to practice what Jesus had clearly communicated as the core of his message: love. We served our neighbours through random acts of kindness. As the vision spread to other churches in the community, we came up with a name for the movement: Love Abbotsford.

These posters show how the design evolved from 2000 to 2007.
This label provided some context for people who received free bottles of water.
Love Abbotsford Live is a recording of the Love Abbotsford worship celebration that took place after the Kindness Explosion on June 16, 2001 featuring dancers, actors, singers, musicians and worship leaders from many local churches, released on compact disc.
Invitations were mailed out to each church in the community to organize the annual event, setting a schedule for the weekend and providing ideas for projects, cards, and T-shirts.
Over time, the idea spread to other cities, through Love [Your City]. We provided resources to those who wanted to serve their neighbours through simple acts of love. The package includes a cards, forms, stationery, a video DVD, and brochure invitations.
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